How to Move Google Exchange Contacts to iCloud on the iPhone

When I got my iPhone, the first thing I did was sync my contacts using Google sync, which is available through the Google app for the iPhone. I later realized that Google sync doesn’t sync photos of contacts, while iCloud does. So I decided to move all of my contacts to iCloud. That was easy to do, but it wasn’t easy to figure out.

So to save you the trouble, here’s how it’s done:

First, when your contacts are up to date with Google Exchange, go to “Settings” on your iPhone, then “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” and turn off Exchange contacts sync. It’ll tell you that you must delete all of the contacts from your iPhone. Press delete. (Remember, your contacts are up to date on your Google account.)

Next, connect your iPhone to iTunes and go to the info tab. There, you’ll see the option to sync your contacts with various services. Select Google Contacts. You’ll get a couple of prompts. Press ok through them. Now click apply on iTunes to complete the sync.

Once the iTunes sync is complete, go back to the info tab and uncheck the box for syncing contacts. You’ll be asked whether you wanna delete all of your previously synced contacts or keep them on the phone. Choose to keep them.

Now, disconnect your iPhone from iTunes and go back to “Mail, Contacts, Calendars” in “Settings”. Turn off iCloud. You’ll be asked whether you wanna keep any iCloud contacts on the phone. Choose yes. Now turn iCloud back on and you’ll be told that your contacts on the phone will be merged with iCloud! Success!

I hope this was clear enough and helpful.